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TransloadingWhat Is Transloading

Benefits of transloading through Bailey Feed Mill:

• Increased efficiency and flexibility of the supply chain

• Increased accessibility and availability of products

• Increased utilization of equipment

• Products strategically positioned near their source or destination so they can be shipped quickly

• Reliable link in the just in time inventory process

• Accelerated turnover and reduced inventory costs

• Dependable, experienced management of inventory logistics

In an effort to better utilize both the shipper’s and railroad’s equipment, Bailey Feed Mill has the capability to unload material and products in a timely manner. This results in less demurrage charges and railcars returning to the shipper quickly. Large storage capacity allows for a consistent supply of material to be conveniently located and on hand for end-users, eliminating inventory problems due to irregularities in shipping, supply or demand. 20 years in the transloading business has given Bailey Feed Mill qualified experience in planning and scheduling both rail shipments and truck deliveries. Acknowledging the importance of timeliness and efficiency and providing transportation solutions for shippers and end-users is a company-wide goal. Bailey Feed Mill recognizes that in order to have successful business relationships, those relationships must work for all those involved.

Grain Elevator Bailey Feed Mill buys local grain (wheat, corn, soybeans, milo, oats, rye) from area growers and sells to end-users via truck or rail.  Bailey Feed Mill offers several merchandising opportunities for growers, including forward contracting, minimum price, storage, and delayed pricing.  Having been in the grain business for 60 years, Bailey Feed Mill strives to work closely with the grower to help establish an individualized marketing plan that fits individual needs and maximizes grower profits.  A primary company focus is on strong relationships with growers, which creates a win/win situation and impressive results.

TrucksBailey Feed Mill has a current fleet of 15 company owned trucks with pneumatic tankers, liquid tankers and hopper bottom trailers.  The company further utilizes 20+ local independent haulers and owner/operators

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